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The Curtner and Kerr Radio Show

Thomas Curtner Chris Kerr

The Curtner And Kerr Radio Show is the sole owner of the information portrayed, displayed, collected and distributed on and from this Web site - except where we give links (and sometimes accompanying logos/pictures/graphics) designating other Watchmen, Teachers, Prophets and Informational websites of related materials and topics. We interview Watchmen (Watchpersons), Prophets, and Teachers (Students, News Commentators, Leaders, Others) as we are led by the Holy Spirit.  We do not necessarily concur/agree with all of the views expressed by our guests and therefore cannot be held liable nor accountable for the content.

It is up to the listener to hear from God concerning any subject matter pertaining to the live or recorded broadcasts and for the listeners to pray without ceasing for HIS perfect will for them in these troublesome and perilous times.

All information on this Web site is copyright protected 2012-20xx by Curtner & Kerr.  Information (mp3s, pictures, comments, etc.) may not be copied, duplicated, linked to or transferred without the email consent of Curtner & Kerr - usually easily obtained by emailing us!