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The Curtner and Kerr Radio Show

Thomas Curtner Chris Kerr

We do not advertise - we feel that the time is to be spent serving the listening audience, not asking for help. If God provides (and He does), then we shouldn’t have to ask for support.

If you are a ‘Watchmen’, or Prophet or Teacher and the Lord uses you in such a capacity, then we would like to make time available for you to share what is on your heart. Please email or call us and let’s discuss getting you on the program.

We adhere to the Scriptures as final authority on all matters, and use scripture to rightly divide the word of truth.  However, we strive to not get into christian ‘hot topic’ debates - for instance we would not care to enter into debate on which ‘Bible’ to use. There are great arguments on each side of the matter.  So, we do not use this ministry as a means to harbor debate on topics unrelated to the understanding of world events and how they match up with bible prophecy. We think that if we are to obey the admonition of the Lord to ‘when you see all these things coming to pass, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh’, then we need to diligently consider the times in which we live.

We feel that the incredible acceleration in occurrences of world events means that the road signs of the current news (at least news from what’s left of the honest reporting which means the world wide web, NOT the controlled news media) - hand in hand with the perspective of belief in the creator Yahweh and His Word - point us towards TRUTH. This TRUTH which we seek to understand was manifest in Yashua Jesus the Messiah, and in His words as recorded in the scriptures. This is the ultimate purpose of ‘Curtner & Kerr’ - to understand the Creator’s workings in these days, as His plan, purposes, and Kingdom come to fruition ON THIS EARTH!